A Chapter from “The Bipolar Writer” Memoir

via A Chapter from “The Bipolar Writer” Memoir

I wanted to share James story link above about his attempts to commit suicide. It had to be hard to write about this. I know that it is hard for me to even read it as I only put darkness away recently and feel its visiting me again.  I know now that suicide is not the answer but in the spring of last year it seemed to be the only answer for me. I thank God I never went through with it. This is one of the things I don’t understand about being bipolar I’m hoping in time my medication will stop the dark places I visit. The feelings you have that are so uncontrollable is scary as hell. The loneliness, and yet the feeling of not wanting to be around anyone at all or to go out of your house is awful ..

Please click the link above. Its a great story and its so how I felt when my darkness pays a visit to me.