Totally Flipping Out Right Now

OK I’m trying to get my breathing good again as I’m in a total panic right. Let me tell you why.

Today I woke later than normal. First odd sign things are not right. Later in the afternoon I decided to check the mail and when I went to unlock the front door it was unlocked. Flipped me out as I thought my husband had gone out last night and forgot to lock it back which would have been odd as we use the back door as it comes in from the garage and never use front door.

Now hubby  is home and cooking dinner so I went to the basement to get potatoes and the light was on. Another odd thing no one was in basement for light to have to be used. When I told hubby about this he went down and turned off light. When he came back up I told him how strange today had been and asked him if he left the front door unlocked yesterday evening when he went out to check mail and he stated he had gone out back door. He then proceeded to tell me the security alarm was off when he got up this morning to let the dogs out. I remember arming it last night as  I always do. This is like my fear so I know I arm it every night. Hell every person just about in this town has a security system because of the things that go down here where the minority is 73 percent blacks. I’m not prejudice I promise, but I’m not stupid either. Look what happened in Ferguson just a few minutes away from my town in  Spanish Lake. My friend sonny he’s black and even he tells me to watch my back and what neighbor hoods to stay out of, and not go out at night alone.

OK I’m freaked now and trying  to figure out what happened last night after we fell asleep. I started a new medication last night and now I’m afraid to take it for fear that I got up sleep walking and went outside which is something I would never do at night in our neighbor hood. If I did I must of disarmed the security system before going outside. I really don’t know what to do. I’m going to run a online camera tonight as we sleep to see if it happens again till we figure this shit out. Any ideals on what I can do?, other than stop taking medication. I want to give it a week at least to see if its going to help me. Of course if this happens again I will most definitely stop taking it. But man I’m totally freaked out right now as anything could have happened last night. What if my husband sleep walked? Ohh gosh I’m scared now..


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