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If You Feed The Beast The Beast Will Destroy You

This is the truth of anything I have ever heard or watched. Sad thing is what we going to do about it? 

This video is sad to watch because the truth hurts. It’s also very scary to think we have let ourselves get to this point.

I’m actually in contact with a Dr. here is Missouri who’s trying to change this in our neighborhood with the kids and parents. I hope his program will work.

He has stated that this is affecting the mental health of many and I couldn’t agree more from just my own personal experience and from those I know or have known.

Mental Health problems have increased he says due to using cell phones and people not socially engaging in their family’s life and overall wellness. Suicide has increased, and depression has increased especially in the younger generation.  They think if they are not popular on social media then life is over for them. They are often bullied by strangers they don’t even know. As parents for us to let such happen, is just right down wrong.

How do we work on not letting cell phones control us?

Determination for change!  You have to want your life to be different. You have to want your family to be OK. You have to want for your children to not be socially bullied and its happening trust me, right under your nose whether they are telling you or not. You have to want for your family to socially engage with without holding their phones. You have to want your family back!!!!! Think about it, you can change this, there is away, you just need to follow it.  JUST PUT YOUR CELL PHONES DOWN!!! 

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  1. lifeofababema says:

    Everything can be done online and over the phone…I think that’s why much of our society is the way it is today. No one values face to face interaction anymore!

    1. lovedmebacktolife says:

      it’s really sad 🙁

  2. This is definitely something to be aware of.

  3. Great topic! It is scary, and I honestly am so glad I wasn’t in high school when social media began. It sounds exhausting to keep up with everything.

  4. Interesting perspective. I think it’s important to find a balance between our social interactions.

  5. Joanna Stephens says:

    It’s crazy how true this is! We are really forgetting how to socialize face to face anymore and that’s because of all the social media platforms out there.

  6. Yes, can’t agree more. This is happening everywhere! Hope your program work and bring it all over the place and bring a awareness to everyone.

    1. lovedmebacktolife says:


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