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Hi everyone it’s been awhile since I’ve updated. I been really busy working a some ads and a website for a dentist here in Missouri.  He started a non-profit organization that has to do with social building between communities.  It been a fun experience so far.

I  launch my cosmetic site today, and doing my first giveaway. I’m really excited about that. I hope this site will take off one day and generate some money. I know it will be slow as I did something similar many years ago but after about 4 months money came rolling in. Not a lot but some, and I was happy. I just want to feel like I’m doing something again these days with my life. I have sat around for the last 10 years and did nothing but feel sorry for myself because of things that have happened even though they were out of my control. Those day are over! I know my days are numbered and I intend to live them as happy as I can.

I still have a lot of depression and hypo-mania but work really hard to not let it consume me again. I wish I could stay in hypo-mania all the time as I have tons of energy and that I like. It’s not easy and there are days I have to just give in to the depression and have my down day. I’m glad they are not as bad this year as last year. This time last year I was starting to have some major depression. Seasonal depression has always been bad for me and I’m gonna do everything in my power to not let it hit me this year as bad as it normally does.

It’s really pretty today here in Missouri, I would love to go out and work on the patio at my lawn table but can’t because, my laptop screwed up yesterday. It’s new so I let it do a windows update and it I don’t know what happened but they key board just wouldn’t work after  that. I was on the phone with tech support most of the afternoon trying to fix it but couldn’t so now I have to send it in, which I’m going to do tomorrow.

I’m starting to adapt to things here and it’s getting easier each day. At first I wasn’t for sure I could do this, but now I know I can. I had a lot of fear because of the area we were in, but now I see it just like any other place we’ve moved to. The people here are starting to feel friendlier since my thinking is not so negative of them. Sometimes we go into things with the wrong attitude and that makes the situation worse for yourself.

Well the tile guys are here to work on the tile in the bathroom so I’m going to pop off and go make me some toast.. Have a great day everyone…

Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is the beginning of love. (1)

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