I absolutely love curo essential supplements!!71VRwYBq0+L._SX522_ I started taking this supplement after a lady  recommended it to me right after my diagnosis with bipolar depression. About a week after adding  this to my  daily routine, I began to notice a big increase in the energy I had each day. The recommended dose is 6 pills a day but I only take 4 and still have tons of energy.

I also love this product mostly as I suffer from bipolar depression and that causes severe fatigue and it really helps me with the tiredness I feel each day from my disease. I highly recommend it to anyone suffering with depression, of course talk to your doctor to make sure adding this supplement is ok .

I also like the fact that it is helping with my mental clarity. I really had a problem with this over the last year but taking this is starting to help me focus better on the projects I need to do daily.

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About the product
  • BETTER QUALITY + BETTER ABSORPTION = BETTER VALUE: We deliver ingredients of the highest quality. As important, however, is that they are in the correct form and proper dosage for maximal effect– so you get much more for your money.
  • TRANSPARENCY: We want you to be confident that what you are doing to support your health is backed by science. We do that by showing you not only the research behind each ingredient, but also the data behind the dose we have chosen.
  • ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS FOR ACHIEVING OPTIMAL HEALTH: Essential is the only multivitamin you need. Each ingredient has been hand selected for its ability to support the core functions of a healthy body.
  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED, DOCTOR CREATED – Created by a leading integrative health doctor as a product he could give to his patients and family
Curos Essential Fatigue Fighting Vegan Supplement for Women and Men – Natural Organic Gluten Free Daily Multi Mineral – Vegetarian Multivitamin with Energy Heart Brain Complex – 180 Capsules

Price: $70.00 ($0.39 / Count) FREE Shipping.


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