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Validation From Total Strangers

Those are big words “validation from total strangers.”Validation From Total Strangers It’s really sad if you think about it that we rely on what others say about us in order to feel good about our selves right down to total strangers.  It makes me sad that I to once was this way, that I needed the approval of a total stranger in order to fill good about myself.

I blame society for this mainly because every where you look there has got to be sexiness involved. It’s the biggest seller of just about everything we buy to. Make it look sexy and beautiful and they will buy it.  Make your self  look sexy and beautiful and you will have friends and be very popular.

It’s in film, music, magazines, advertisements and in most  everything we see and do everyday.  It’s no wonder kids are posting the kind of pics they post of themselves on Facebook or Instagram. They post these pics in hopes to get approval from their friends from school or total strangers they don’t even know, so they will feel they look beautiful or sexy.

It’s obvious that the marketing for all these things is getting worse each day as far as using sexiness to sell a product and will continue to get even more worse.

If we allow are our kids to participate in such activities on social media where they are posting pictures for approval from friends and total strangers to make them feel good about themselves without some kind of discipline about it, then we are to blame for their depression or mental illness that most likely will appear. This could come when they feel they aren’t getting the attention they should be getting from social media about how beautiful they are in order to feel popular.

We as parents got to snap out of it and start being parents and not let our children have social media in their life-like we do. However though we sit there on our phones surfing Facebook and Instagram, commenting on posts from friends who we have never met while our kids sit beside us doing the same. We are robbing them of social time with family as well then.

Children really  need this time to learn about family structure in order to understand the meaning of how a family is supposed to work. When they don’t get this attention  they will go on social media to get attention and noticed…..SO SAD BUT TRUE..

It’s then that they need validation from friends or total strangers on how they look or feel. This can lead to some major depression and even suicide in some teens when feeling rejected from what others think or feel about them. As parents we have to put down our own phones and start having family time.

Teach your children that what others say isn’t important from the very beginning of their lives so they don’t grow up thinking it’s more important what everyone else is thinking of them. They need to relize they are unique and all beautiful creatures. They need to learn to love themselves and thin k they are beautiful so they don’t rely on what others  say to make them feel loved.

I feel that to many kids are getting on social media at such an early age. It shouldn’t be allowed in no family home till they are in their late teens and responsible.

You might want to think about this before you let you children download social media apps.


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