100 percent Official

Well it’s 100 percent official that we are moving to Clairfield Missouri . Hubby leaves this Sunday and he starts  on Monday. I’m trying to be happy about this but it’s  hard since I love Georgia so much. I to am nervous about being alone. I don’t do my best without his encouragement since I’ve been diagnosed. I really dread  being without him to. I could be by myself for up to a month and being as fearful as I  am of things these days I will be unpacking OLD KITT and putting him out to protect me. I will be busy  a lot.

I have a lot of packing yet to do, but have did some already. I really hate packing . We have moved so much with is job, that I’m not sure I  can even do another one. But this is a permanent job and that’s great. It’s the second one he’s had, his first one went under. I pray this company stays till he retires. I hate contrat jobs, but he loves them because he loves seeing different places. I’m more of a home girl now and don’t like moving around as much, plus I’m not getting younger.

I am giving my daughter a lot of my things that she can bring back to Kentucky. I’ve decided I don’t want much in the new place at all and it’s gonna be small. The smaller the better. I need my life as easy as possible these days.

I’m in the process of building a website that will be selling t shirts and other items and its alot of work doing my own designs especially since my computer is on the brink.. I’m also trying to add a store site to my main page  lovedmebacktolife.com.  Doing all this and taking wellness classes isnt easy but keeps my mind busy. I just hope it’s not going to be an overload later.

I’ve always had to be busy doing something, or else id go, nuts…..ohh wait I did didn’t I..(haha there’s that stereotyping term ) I really do hate it to be honest the word nuts makes you feel like your crazy and I’m not crazy, my mind functions good it just is sick, that’s all. LOL. Its ill.. And as for what I like being called, one of the pages  I follow, Jenny says we are all Mentally Unique .


well that’s it for me got to work on t-shirt site and take a shower for NAMI class tonight, have a great day people.. ohh what do you think of my new nails I had done sunday…those are my real nail btw



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  1. Thinking of you and hope that the time on your own passes quickly into you can be with your husband again.

    1. ty so much.. at least I have you all to hang out with on here

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