Salmon Gremolata With Roasted Vegetables

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Salmon Gremolata With Roasted Vegetables

When it comes to easy we are all in, the sheet pan dinners are the royalty of that category. They’re so easy because you can place all the ingredients onto one sheet pan, place in the oven and walk away until it’s ready. Hubbie and I love this. It also leaves you only one pan to clean up afterward. Saving you cooking time and clean up time, who doesn’t love that?

This healthy and keto approved dish will be savory and satisfying. The secret to the perfect salmon is to top it off with gremolata, an Italian garnish made up of lemon zest, garlic, and parsley and a few other ingredients .

Make your on Gremolata to add to salmon fillets  it usually includes grated lemon peel, although the zest from other citrus fruits (lime, orange, grapefruit, etc.) may be used. There are also other variations, such as leaving out the herbs (parsley, cilantro/coriander, mint, sage) or the feature (garlic, finely grated fresh horseradish, minced shallot) or adding another item (Pecorino Romano cheese, anchovy, toasted pine nuts, grated bottar

tonight I’m only making mine using garlic, lemon zest, pine nuts, and parsley  ohh and half teaspoon of melted butter

For vegetables I’m adding  small red potatoes , french style green beans and yellow zucchini


First of all you need to heat your oven to 350F for a fan oven or 380F for non fan oven.

Then you need to combine together in a blender or food processor the ingredients you chose  and whiz it up, then stir in the lemon zest. If you do not have a blender then you can simply chop the parsley and garlic very finely by hand, it will take a little longer but it still works!

Lightly grease the pan.

Once you have your pan prepped add some salmon fillets and season with salt and pepper, spray with or brush with a little oil then firmly press the Gremolata crumb mixture on top.

If you want to roast the salmon on a sheet pan alongside some vegetables then you will need to choose some that will cook quickly in the oven such as cherry tomatoes, asparagus or chopped zucchini. Coat  the vegetables in a little oil and add them to the pan around the salmon.

Now bake the salmon and vegetables in the oven for 15-20 mins until the fish is cooked through and the tops are slightly brown.

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