A Monster Calls

It had been a beautiful night she thought as she had spent the night with the boy that was the love of her life. The mood quickly changed though with a knock at the door. Before her stood her friend that she had told her parents she was spending the night with. The look on her friends tear stained face told her she came bearing bad news…….

She was born in a very small remote mining camp nestled in the mountains of Kentucky. It was beautiful valley that seemed to join in a distance between two mountains. When the evening came the sun was gone early because of the mountains causing the valley to have darkness early. As a small child she didn’t know that the ? could set later than 5:30. She thought everyone in the world experienced the same view as she did.

Her life as a child was normal like most children’s life was. She had wonderful parents who loved her alot. Life was as any child’s life should be.

Around 6 years of age she was awakened one night by her half sister who slept in the same small twin bed as she slept in. Her sister was doing something strange she had never seen before. Her sister grab her hand a placed it on her crotch. She didn’t quite know what she was suppose to do until her sister started moving her hand up and down her crotch.” Do this to me” her sister said. And she did exactly as her sister asked. Her sister made some weird sounds she thought. as she did what was asked of her.

The next morning she thought she had dreamed of what happened that night before and proceeded on with her day of playing with her brother outside for most of the day. Something they both did all summer.

Days passed, even weeks, but then one night she was awakened by the feel of her head being pulled in a different direction. It frightened her and she was ready to scream but found her self smothering instead. Her face felt wet from what ever was smothering her and the smell was suffocating as well. Her head was being pushed back and forth and she thought she would die before she could get air. She could hear her sister making the same sounds she made the night she thought was a dream.

What seemed like forever finally ended and she was able to breathe again. She could hear her sister near her telling her she must never speak of this to anyone. She feel asleep scared as she finally realized what had happened to her.

She doesn’t remember much of her life when she thinks about it at the age of 8. She doesn’t give it much more of a thought as it didn’t matter anyway.

She loved visiting with her uncle then who lived out in the chipyard near her house. He would place her in his lap always telling her some great stories and she would listen with interest. She visited with him alot as she loved hearing about his life afar. She would dream of these stories a lot. She loved her uncle very much.

It was a pretty summer day and she was wearing one of her favorite summer dresses. She decided she wanted to go visit her uncle after she got her chores done. She hurried along with them then ran to tell her mom where she was going.

She ran to her uncles house to find him sitting outside on his porch drinking beer. She noticed that each time she visited lately with her uncle he was always drinking, but that didn’t really matter to her so she stopped noticing after awhile, as he was always jolly and his stories were great.

She ran up to him and said can you tell me about Germany again. He said of course pulling her onto his lap. He told her of a wonderful story he had told her before many times. She listened and loved her life then dreaming about the day she could visit Germany herself. She had an infatuation with the place and knew somehow she would go.

Her dreaming was suddenly interrupted by the feel of her uncles hand making its way up her legs to her crotch, the sensation felt strange but she didn’t stop him him.

This went on for over a year of her life. She would visit with her uncle each day knowing what was going to happen during his stories he told her.

Eventually his hand on her crotch lead to him doing other sexual things to her. As she got older though it started feeling wrong and after each visit she would run to an outside bathroom and throw up. Her visits stopped at the death of uncle a few years later.

She mourned for him but felt as if she was free from the shame she carried for so long. She had no idea it would follow her forever.

Her life changed after that and she found herself smoking marijuana by the age of 12 to relieve the pain of the ugly numbness she felt. Other drugs entered her life and in the end sometimes she would sneak out at nighttime to meet men much older than her for sex and drugs. This went on till she was getting close to turning 14.

She meet a boy at school and they started dating when she had turned 14 that summer. He was her second real boyfriend that she had had. They decided after a few months of dating that it was time for sex. She told her parents that she was spending the night with her friend who lived about 15 miles away.

Later that night she met up with her boyfriend and they spent a great night together. She felt for the first time in her life that sex wasn’t nasty and wrong then.

Early that morning while they were laying in bed talking, a song came on the radio called its A Heartache by Bonnie Tyler. She loved that song alot, she didn’t know why but she did. Little did she know then that she would never be able to listen to that song again without being reminded of this day that would haunt her her whole life.

She heard a knock at the door and looked out the window and saw her friend there.. She ran to the door thinking why was her friend there so early. As she opened the door she saw tears in her friends eyes. A fear overcame her then as she knew something was wrong. It was then she was told about the death of her mother during the night… she then knew a monster had called once again in her life…would this monster ever leave her alone?

The monster continued to visit her throughout her life, causing her pain and destruction. Sometimes he left her alone for many years at a time to where she eventually forgot about him and was able to bury him so far in her mind that she forgot about his visits.

At the age of 55 she became very depressed and after laying for a few months in bed he visited her one day when she was least expected. He decided to make her remember everything she had ever experienced in her life that she had safely tucked away never to be remembered or ever spoken of. It was then that her psychotic breakdown began….

Her life will never be the same now as she learns to deal with all these memories and her menral illnes she has discovered she has.. what will each day bring from here she now wonders…will she ever be able to find comfort and peace once again..she prays so alot anymore…will the monster continue to visit her forever…she will have to chose to live if she wants to ever defeet him…..

She rereads her story she just wrote -” A monster Calls” and decides it time to make peace with it and hits publish. ….will it destroy her family if they ever find this and read it she thinks to herself? Its the only way she will ever be free she decides and bows her head to pray that she will never have to find out….



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