Anxiety and Panic Attack Plan

In the last post we talked about Journaling  and how it helps with mental health in this post we are going to learn a few tricks for helping during an anxiety attack. or panic attack.

Things to try and do when you feel a panic attack or your anxiety is really strong. The biggest thing to remember is you are not going to die the symptoms will leave after 10 minutes to an hour. If they persist longer than an hour consult you Psychiatrist, or call 911 as it could be some different.

  •  Stand Up, It helps to stand up so you can take in very deep breaths, make sure pace around to get rid of any excess energy. If you lay down this could result in constricted breathing. I can never lay down it makes my panic attack worse.
  • Drink Water, sipping it slowly, the colder the better, this really helps me. Focus on taking the smallest of sip you can and how it feels going down your throat. This will take your focus off your breathing and how your feeling at that moment.
  • Open a window and just breathe in the fresh air, taking note of any new sensations-smells, temperature, and sounds you hear. Listen for crickets, dogs barking and frogs chirping if you live in the country and its summer or city sounds if you live in the city, such as horns blowing, trains going through ect.
  • Breathe in slowly for 3 counts then out for 3 counts. Try to hold your breath for just a moment in between inhalation and exhalation.
  • Fidget by giving your body something to do and a way to channel some adrenaline, whether its a fidget toy, clicking a pen, or just grabbing a random object.
  • Distract your mind with something that requires little energy but full concentration such as games, puzzels ect.

Not all these will work for ever one but it doesn’t hurt to try them when your anxiety is leading to a panic attack or your anxiety is high. I’ve quite a few panic attacks in my life and never new that these things would me most of the time. These have kept me from having to take an anxiety medication that been prescribed to me. I leave you with this quote…

Emotional pain is not something that should be hidden away and never spoken of. There is truth in your pain, but only if its first brought out into the open. by Steven Attchison


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