Acceptance-its not easy

In my last post we talked about Journaling and how its a wellness technique for mental health. Next we need to work on our Acceptance in order to have a half way good life.

Accepting you have a mental disorder doesn’t come right away, it takes lots of practice in order to achieve this. You tell yourself it can’t be true. You don’t want to be labeled as  having mental health issues so you fight really hard against it at first.

Learning that you have this disorder is like trying to swallow a horse pill. It is very difficult. Grieving and denial is expected for a period of time, for some not long and others longer. In order for you to live a decent life with your diagnosis though you must work on acceptance right away.

I spent some time reading about acceptance have came to this conclusion, its not and easy task and is either there or not there. However moving on is an positive active position we must take. Here are a few ways that can help you that I am using.

  • Develop an awareness of your mental health disorder by learning as much about it as possible. I spend a least 3 days a week doing research about my Bi-Polar Depression with anxiety disorder as well as reading a ton of stories about it from others and how they cope. The more you know the easier it become to accepting it.
  • Engage in activities that support your acceptance such as medications, therapy and support groups such as NAMI  which offers support groups could be in your area so google it and church if your religious. You don’t have to go it alone
  • Make relationships with people that will accept your disorder as well. Being around people who can’t accept your illness doesn’t make it easy for you to accept  either.

Acceptance of your mental disorder shouldn’t be a process you are doing alone. Family support, friendship support along with therapy and psychiatry help will get you on the right path. I leave you with this positive quote

Challenge your self every day to do better and be better. Remember growth starts with the decision to move beyond your certain circumstances.

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