A Long Day

I’ve worked really hard today on getting the main wellness site up and running where I want to help others with mental disorders by using wellness techniques as I am doing now and from extended research.. It’s going to be awhile, hopefully a few weeks and I will have it going fairly well.

Today been a great day. I did sleep in some, and spent the morning doing some wellness techniques to help me get going on the site. I drew out exactly what I wanted to share on Microsoft Word, then printed it and proceeded to get to work took  me a few hours to do just that alone. Spent the rest of the day working in side word press.. ugggg.. I miss using Front page then uploading the site to the server.

I used to be a web designer many years ago around 18 to be exact . I spent a lot of time building websites for everyone, even those in the adult industry. That is a story I will be brave enough to share here one day in how I came about doing so. Its apart of my manic life that I try to forget. Yes, we all have skeletons in the closet that we try to hide but there is no reason in doing so. It is what it is.  These skeletons always have a way of being found out and its either a lesson to be learned or a life experience we either do or don’t want to continue in our everyday life.  Is what you can live with that matters, not what everyone thinks.

I think I’ll go lay in bed for awhile and work a little more on the main site. I hope that everyone out there with mental disorders is ok tonight and feeling safe. I’m always here if you want to talk. I may not understand everything your going through but will listen just fill out the contact page and I’ll get back to you fairly soon.

I fight for my health everyday, I am a worrierbeauty

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